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Resetting your memorable word

  • Click on the link in the top right hand corner of this page that says 'Employer Login', this will take you to our Electronic DBS Service Employer Login page.

  • You will need to enter your company username into the top box and if you know the password, enter this into the bottom box.

  • If you have reset your password and are now also resetting your memorable word, do not enter the new password into this box because the new password is a one-use only password. If this is the case just enter the word 'Password' into the password box.

  • Click on the button at the bottom that says 'Login'.

  • This opens a new page called 'Login - Memorable Information'.

  • At the bottom of this page you will see some text that says 'If you have forgotten your memorable information, please click here', click on the word 'here'.

  • Below this you will now see that some extra boxes have appeared.

  • In the 'Username' box enter the company username that you normally use to login.

  • In the 'Account Email Address' box enter the email address that is registered to the account with us (this is the email address that receives the system notices from us).

  • Now click on 'Send Email'.

  • You will recieve an email to that email address giving you a new memorable word.

  • You can now login as normal using this new memorable word and if you have also reset your password you will need to use the new password as aswell.

  • As soon as you login make sure that you update the memorable word to one of your choosing.

Resetting your memorable word: Advice & Resources
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