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Requesting an ISA Adult First check

  • Login to your 'Customer Portal' and search for the relevant application.

  • Under the 'Adult First' column, click on the link that says 'Apply'.

  • This will open a new window, you will need to scroll to the bottom and click to request this.

  • You can only request an Adult First Check once the form is at the 'Acknowledged' stage with the DBS.

  • Once requested you will receive an email within 72 hours with the result of this.

  • If the result is 'No Match' then you can start the applicant in a supervised role.

  • If the result is 'Await Disclosure' then you cannot start the applicant until you have the full DBS result. This does not necessarily mean that the applicant has anything to disclose on the DBS, it means the DBS could not return a clear result within the timeframe.

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Requesting an ISA Adult First check: News
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