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Employer guide to the Update Service

The Update Service is a useful tool for Employers to check the status of an Employees DBS check. When an employee has a DBS check registered on the Update Service it may mean that you do not have to complete a new DBS check on this applicant. For example, companies who check their employees annually, need only keep the Update Service going instead and this will mean that you can check that there have been no changes since the last DBS check rather than going through the whole process again.

We used to be able to register applicants on the Updating Service for the Employer, but the DBS removed this facility.

We are now only able to check the status of an Update Service on behalf of the Employer.

Our Update Service checking service still proves very useful to Employers because we will continually remind the Employee to register onto the Update Service with the DBS and provide us with their registration details for this.

We then check this DBS check either annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly depending on which level you select.

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