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Employee completing a DBS check

  • You will have received an email from our Electronic DBS System which will give you a link to click on along with a username, password and company short name for the application process.

  • The link is here.

  • Click on the link to access the system.

  • We suggest that you copy and paste these details from the email to ensure that they are entered correctly. Ensure that you do not copy any additional spaces on the end as this will stop them from working.

  • When you enter these and click through you will then be asked to create a memorable word.

  • Type your chosen memorable word in both boxes ensuring that it contains both letters and numbers and is between 9 and 20 characters long.

  • You will now have the Application Form on your screen. Complete your personal details in the relevant fields.

  • The following areas are sometimes cause for confusion:

    • Applicants Name - ensure that you enter First, Middle and Surnames in the correvct fields. If you enter the middle name in the first name field you will later find that your employer cannot enter a driving license as an ID document as the license number must match these correct fields.

    • You must enter ALL names that you have used/use at any times. This means if you have ANY other names they must be entered. For example, a married woman may use both her birth and her spouses surname, therefore these must both be entered as current names (in the used until box put the current month/year).

    • If in doubt include the name, as the DBS will withdraw any applications that they find do not have all names listed. You cannot change this once the form has been submitted to the DBS.

    • You must enter ALL addresses used for the last five years.

    • You must ensure that each address runs continuously from the last one, this means if you leave one address in 08-2021, you must start at the new address in 08-2021. If you enter that you leave in 08-2021 and start the new address in 09-2021 the form will not be accepted as it is not deemed to be continuous address history.

  • Once completed you will be shown all of your information in a summary screen. It is important that you check that this is correct because once the form is submitted to the DBS it cannot be changed.

  • At the bottom of this summary screen you must then click on the link that says 'Submit form'.

  • You will now get a pop up screen telling you that your form has been submitted and next your employer must verify your ID documents. At this point the form has not been sent to the DBS, it is only sent to the DBS once the ID documents have been submitted as well.

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