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Checking the status of a DBS check

Some DBS checks are returned quickly by the DBS (some in a matter of minutes/hours!), others take longer. There are many factors in the speed of the DBS checks and the amount of time it takes to return is not necessarily related to whether the applicant has anything disclosed on this.

  • When you login in to your 'Customer Portal' (for the Company) you can see the status of the form in the column headed 'Status / Audit Trail'.

  • The Status option are:

    • New Application - You have created the form, but it has not yet been submitted to the DBS. This may be waiting the Applicants Details or the ID Verification, you can see which under the column marked 'Next Action'. If this says 'Applicant Submission' then the Applicant details need to be completed. If it says 'ID Verification' then you have the applicants details and now need to complete the ID check on them and submit it to the DBS at the end of the ID details.

    • Customer Submitted - This form has been recently submitted to the DBS, this is waiting for us to check the form, verify it and countersign it ready for the DBS.

    • Office Checked - This means that we have checked and verified the form and countersigned it as ready for the DBS to collect it in their next batch.

    • Batched - The DBS have collected the form, but have not yet logged it in to their systems to start work on it.

    • Acknowledged - The DBS have receipted the application and have started work on this. It will now stay at this stage until the form has been completed.

    • No Match - this is a completed DBS check in which there was no information to disclose. An applicant can start work without the company needing to see the paper disclosure.

    • In Post - this is a completed DBS check in which there was information to disclose. The applicant cannot start work until they receive their paper certificate through the post and show this to the new employer. The employer will then need to assess whether the information on this DBS certificate changes the applicants suitability for the role that they have applied for.

  • When the application is at the status 'Acknowledged' it could be at one of several steps with the DBS. Our Electronic DBS system does not show the breakdown of which step the form is at, but you can view this by clicking here.

  • You will need to enter the application form reference and the applicants date of birth. You can find the form reference by clicking on the 'Status and Audit Trail' link for the applicant, it will be listed in the 'Audit Trail' and begins with an E.

  • The various stages are:

    • Stage 1 (Application Form received and validated): - This stage is the initial logging of the form at the DBS offices.

    • Stage 2 (Police National Computer searched): - This is the initial search on the Police National Computer.

    • Stage 3 (DBS Children, DBS Adults and List 99 searched, where applicable): - This is the check on the Children or Adults lists.

    • Stage 4 (Records held by the Police search): - This is the longest of the stages and is the nationwide check of the police records.

    • Stage 5 (Certificate Printed): - This is once the check is completed and the paper certificate is printed and sent to the applicant.

Checking the status of a DBS check: News
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